Like beer, coffee is one of society’s oldest and most fundamental beverages.  Perhaps that is why coffee beers taste so good! 

And like beer, there was a time where coffee was commoditized.  It is both fun and interesting that the rise of craft beer was mirrored by the rise of the premium coffee house.  On this episode of the All About Beer Podcast, we take a look at what makes great coffee great coffee and how that knowledge is necessary to make great coffee beer.


Jeff Goodno started brewing commercially in 2007.  Since then, he has brewed all over the northeast on systems ranging from 7bbl. to 200bbl.  Most notably, he was a brewer at Victory Brewing Company in Pennsylvania.  His career spans from volunteering on a bottling line, to becoming a cellarman, then a brewer, head brewer, director of brewery operations… and eventually building and co-owning his own brewery, Moniker Brewery in Providence, RI.   Jeff  also owns and operates a successful brewery consulting business, Good Knows Beer, which launched in 2017.  Through the consulting business Jeff has worked with countless breweries, large and small, in several states throughout the US, and in the Bahamas.  He is currently working on my 4th. full build,  which will be opening soon in Rhode Island.

In the fall of 2022, Jeff decided to leave Moniker to focus on building a coffee roasting business with his fiancée.  Fully Stoked Coffee, just launched – and though Brand New, has been incredibly well received.  Fully Stoked Coffee is a small batch, coffee roastery – based out of a tiny, solar powered building in northeastern, Connecticut.  The goal of Fully Stoked is simply to produce the best coffee they can in a way that is both ethically, and environmentally sustainable.   

Jordan Schupbach was hired by Epic Brewing Co. while he was attending the Master Brewers Program at UC Davis in 2012. His current role is Director of Brewing Operations. Epic makes a range of styles but they are most known for Big Bad Baptist, a barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Coffee and Cacao.  Jordan has been managing Epic’s barrel aging program since 2017.

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