Tasting Criteria

All About Beer Magazine‘s Taste section includes four tasting panels held around the U.S. and points beyond. Panels are led by editors and staff, and purposefully include a mix of industry veterans, critics and fellow enthusiasts. Locations will vary each issue. Beers are tasted blind whenever possible. 

Selections are pre-screened for quality and intrigue, incorporating new releases and regional highlights. Our editors taste through far more beers than ultimately appear in the magazine. 

Tasting panels are semi-informal, emphasizing conversation and the diverse set of sensory experiences that result from multiple palates engaging with interesting beers at a particular place and time. Beers are not judged to style–many don’t fit into a traditional one–but are interpreted with an appreciation for the balance and clarity embodied by classic styles. Beers in this section have been purchased, requested from breweries, or arrived unsolicited at our offices. 

Freshness note: For beers not meant to be aged, be sure to seek out fresh examples. 

Taste Guide

Highly Recommended: Our most memorable tastes. Expressive, precise, exceptionally executed beers. 

Recommended: Enjoyable offerings that satisfied most or all of our reviewers. Worth checking out. 

Also Tasted: Additional notable beers that crossed our paths and passed pre-screening, but didn’t land in one of the above categories. May include polarizing flavor profiles.