In recent years, there has been much ado about diastaticus and hop creep.  One is driven by certain strains of yeast and the other is driven by hops, but in both cases, unintended fermentation continues after the beer has been packaged.  In mild cases, it results in off flavors in beer, but in extreme cases, cans rupture or bottles explode.  These are important issues in beer quality that affect not just brewers, but consumers as well.

On this episode of the All About Beer Podcast, Don Tse and Em Sauter talk with a fermentation expert about diastaticus and a brewer about hop creep.  They explain the issues, why consumers should be aware of them and what brewers can do to ensure their beer is both delicious and safe.


Brynn Keenan is a biochemist by training and fermentation scientist by trade. Her experience in brewing QC includes building microbiological, sensory, and analytical programs for Left Hand Brewing and Inland Island Yeast Laboratories. Brynn started Grist Analytics to bring big brewery QC tools to craft breweries by making data entry, visualization, and analysis easy. She now helps breweries across the world turn production data into actionable information. Brynn is passionate about good beer, rock climbing, and building community.

Thomas Pinto Nielsen began his professional brewing career at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in 2004 after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology from Rutgers University in New Jersey. Tom was the initial hire in the newly minted Research and Development department at Sierra Nevada. For nearly 20 years now, Tom has been highly involved in all aspects of brewing quality, method and process development, and brewing innovation. In January 2014, Tom began building the Raw Materials department at Sierra Nevada, focusing primarily on procurement, development, and quality of hops and malts and new product development. In July 2018, Tom added the Research and Development
department to his Sierra Nevada Brewing Company management responsibilities. Tom serves as Sierra Nevada’s representative to the American Malting Barley Association, the Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute, the German Society of Hop Research, the USA Hop Research Council as an ex-president, and the Hop Quality
Group as Technical Chair.

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