All About Beer Magazine - Volume 28, Issue 3
July 1, 2007 By Mike Tessier

Both the Belgians and Quebecois love French fries. In Belgium it seems there is a frites stand every 500 meters and the Belgians love their sauces. The French Canadians carry this one step further with their favorite comfort food, poutine. The recipe calls for fries, gravy and cheese curds. In choosing the perfect beer to go with poutine it is best to decide what element of the dish is most important to you: a Scotch ale, or a dark Belgian strong ale meld seamlessly with the caramelized flavours of the gravy. A hoppy blonde Belgian ale or Abbey Triple cleanses the palate for more of a squeaky cheese curds onslaught, or a hoppy Quebecois ale would work perfectly with the flavorful eastern Canadian potatoes used in this dish. In the end, the best beer for this culinary concoction is the beer in your hand.