96 Samuel Adams Longshot Mile High Barleywine, The Boston Beer Co. (MA). 9.8% ABV (1/11)
Deep copper color. Rich honeyed golden raisin bread, peach butter and orange marmalade aromas with soft feathery carbonation a fruity full body and a long, zesty honeyed citrus, white bean and grassy hop finish. A brilliantly balanced and wonderfully flavorful winter warmer.

94 Winter Warmer Barleywine, Upland Brewing (IN). 8.5% ABV (1/11)
Deep copper color. Rich buttery chocolate caramel fudge and coconut macaroon aromas with a supple, crisp, fruity-yet-dry medium-full body and a golden raisin, pineapple cake, pine and sautéed leafy and root vegetable-like hop finish. A delicious arc of flavor that will be great at the winter table.

94 Old Bawdy Barley Wine, 2007 Bottling, Pike Brewing Co. (WA). 10% ABV (1/10)
Rich copper color. Rich aromas of melted chocolate toffee, dried fruit chutney and blackstrap molasses follow through on a smooth, satiny entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium-full body with roasted nut, herb salt and tangy grilled citrus notes. Finishes with a tart, chewy malt and pine citrusy hop fade. Well done.

94 Cockeyed Cooper Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine Ale, Uinta Brewing Co. (UT). 11.1% ABV (1/11)
Reddish mahogany color. Aromas of blackstrap molasses, roasted soy and Nutella on dark bread toast with a chewy, dry-yet-fruity medium-full body and a warming roasted carrot, praline, creamy cocoa and green leafy vegetable-accented finish. Tasty.

93 XVII Anniversary Barley Wine, Uinta Brewing Co. (UT). 10.4% ABV (1/11)
Dense, slight boozy aromas of baked apples and peaches, caramelized nuts, gourmet catsup and herb bread with a round, velvety fruity-yet-dry medium-full body and mélange of roasted and braised root and leafy vegetables, grilled citrus and grass on the zesty finish.

93 Old Double Bagger Barleywine, Oskar Blues Brewery (CO). 13.2% ABV (1/11) %{Brewpub}
Hazy bronze color. Intense and dense aromas and citrusy and piney hops on a bed of glazed fruitcake with a chewy, syrupy fruity-yet-dry full body and a lush, astringent, caramelized nut, exotic peppercorn, candied citrus peel an grassy hop-accented finish. An intense, almost delirious, hophead happy hunting ground in a glass.

93 Old Boardhead Ale, Full Sail Brewing Co. (OR) 2010 Reserve. 9% ABV (1/11)
Bright copper color. Rich milk chocolate-covered graham cracker, orange marmalade and mild piney hop aromas with supple, satiny dry-yet-fruity medium-full body and a long, smooth clover honey, roasted root vegetable and grassy leafy hop flourish. Nicely poised and very drinkable.

93 Monster Ale Barleywine, The Brooklyn Brewery (NY) 2010. 10.1% ABV (1/11)
Deep amber color. Aromas of pineapple and peach crème brûlée and orange marmalade with a chewy, satiny fruity-yet-dry medium-full body and a delightfully crisp and pointed grassy, leafy green vegetable hop flourish. A delicious and exquisitely balanced barley wine that will shine at the table.

91 Old Guardian Barley Wine, Stone Brewing Co. (CA) 2010. 11.1% ABV (1/11)
Bright copper color. Weighty hop aromas of warm succotash, pickled okra and grilled grapefruits with a rich, chewy, fruity-yet-dry full body and a long, peppery roasted root vegetable, cheese fondue, peach marmalade and radicchio-accented finish with firm pine grilled kumquat-like hops. A dizzying, in your face, U.S.-style barley wine. Be careful!

91 Monster Ale Barleywine, The Brooklyn Brewery (NY) 2009. 10.1% ABV (1/10)
Deep amber color. Rich aromas toasted bread and mild toffee follow through on a round, chewy entry to a dryish medium-full body with a deft touch of citrusy hops on the long generous finish. Seamless and beautifully integrated flavors make this a total pleasure to drink.

91 He’Brew Jewbelation Fourteen Anniversary Ale, Shmaltz Brewing Company (NY). 14% ABV (1/11)
Deep brown color. Complex and intricate aromas of dried fruits, toffee, brown sugar on gingerbread and pickling spice with a thick, chewy fruity full body and an expansive wave of chocolate, black olive, nuts, vegetable casserole, citrus and onion marmalades, grassy and earthy hops. An interesting amalgamation of flavors that entice, challenge and satisfy.

90 Old Dipsea Barleywine, Marin Brewing Co. (CA). 9% ABV (1/11)
Bright, pure aromas of dried peaches and pears with a round, velvety dry-yet-fruity medium-full body and a long, caramelized nut, buttered dark raisin toast and delicate spice finish. Very pure, flavorful and delicious.

89 XVI Anniversary Barley Wine, Uinta Brewing Co. (UT). 10.4% ABV (1/10)
Deep copper brown color with a fine blanket of mousse. Bright citrusy and piney hop and praline aromas follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with bitter baker’s chocolate and lemon marmalade on spicy dark rye toast notes. Finishes with a tart, tangy and drying citrusy hops driven finish. A nice choice for hopheads.

89 Whole Hog Barley Wine Style Ale, Stevens Point Brewery (WI). 10.2% ABV (1/11)
Ruby brown color. Lovely aromas of orange blossom honey, graham cracker, delicate spice and chocolate-drizzled dried pear with a lightly chewy, dry-yet-fruity medium body with caramelized roasted nut, raisin toast, peppery spice and hay-like hop notes in support of the sweet maltiness. A lighter textured and quite food-friendly barley wine.

88 St. Ambroise Vintage Ale, McAuslan Brewing Co. (Canada) 2009. 9.8% ABV (1/11)
Interesting aromas of buttery apricot danish and orange blossom honey crème brûlée with a round, velvety fruity medium-to-full body and a creamy, lightly spice, gingerbread and bubblegum-accented finish with delicate grassy hops. A nice, table friendly and almost feminine take of the style

87 Dirty Dick’s Audit Ale, Nethergate Brewery (England). 8% ABV (1/11)
Hazy golden amber color. Yeast pasty dough, beehive, dried peach and sauerkraut aromas with a syrupy, slightly effervescent fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a honey wafer, roasted carrot and peppery arugula-accented finish. Interesting and best with food.

86 Old Bawdy Barley Wine, 2008 Bottling, Pike Brewing Co. (WA). 10% ABV (1/10)
Deep slightly hazy copper color. Mild aromas of dark bread crust, dried fruits and brown sugar follow through on a round entry to dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with cocoa and lemon pepper notes. Finishes with an astringent piney hop fade. Could use a little more malt balance.

84 Fathead Barley Wine Ale, Nebraska Brewing Company (NE). 10.8% ABV (1/11)
Aroma of melted toffee, spicy baked apples and vanilla custard with a round, syrupy, fruity medium-to-full body and a soft, candied fruitcake and warming apple brandy-like finish.