94 Samuel Adams Black Lager, The Boston Beer Co. (MA). 4.9% ABV (11/08)

Brownish black color. Roasted coffee, toasted raisin bread and dried peach aromas follow through on a round, silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with dark roasted nut and cocoa accents. Finishes with a long, tangy fade. Delicious with great balance and style.

88 Donners Berger Schwarzbier, Privat Brauerei Bischoff (Germany). 5.2% ABV (11/06)

Dark mahogany brown color. Nutty, dark caramel aromas have a slightly soapy edge. A smooth frothy entry leads to a dry medium full body of tangy dried raisins and oranges, cocoa, mocha and burnt brown sugar flavors. Finishes with a tangy bittersweet chocolate, citrus and lightly soapy hop fade.

87 Shiner 97, Spoetzl Brewery (TX). 4.8% ABV (11/06)

Dark brown color. Dark roasted nut and burnt sugar aromas. A crisp, frothy entry leads to a dryish medium body of tangy cocoa dusted citrus and roasted walnut flavors. Finishes with a zesty citrus and baker’s chocolate fade. Refreshingly crisp and mouthwatering in a lighter style.

86 Black’s Beach Extra Dark Schwartz Beer, Karl Strauss Brewing Co. (CA). 4.4% ABV (11/07)

Opaque, muddy brown color. Dense aromas of baker’s chocolate, burnt sugar, nougat and baking spice. A supple entry leads to a round, velvety and dry pleasantly bitter medium-to-full body of cocoa, dark roasted nuts, dark brown sugar and snappy soy notes with a crisp, nutty dried citrus and cocoa fade. A nice food beer; try with beef teriyaki.

85 Shikkoku, Coedo Brewery (Japan). 5% ABV (2/07)

Deep dark brown. Dry, nutty, burnt sugar and nut aromas and flavors with a mineral/metallic hop fade.

84 Slam Dunkel, Fox River Brewing (WI). 5.2% ABV (10/07) %{Brewpub}

Dark black brown color. Mild burnt coffee and nutshell aromas follow through to a brisk, dry medium body with a singed citrus and buttery burnt sugar fade.