UPDATE: In case you missed it, this was an April Fools’ Day joke.

BOSTON (April 1)—The Boston Beer Co. today announced that the 2015 version of Utopias, its high-alcohol, barrel-aged beer, will be available in 16-ounce cans.

“We love our 24-ounce ceramic Utopias bottle shaped like a brew kettle, but we realized it had limitations for the modern, active beer drinker,” said Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer, makers of Samuel Adams. “Now customers can take the 28% ABV to all the places they’ve wanted: the pool, the beach, golfing, hiking and more.”

First introduced in in 2002, Utopias has pushed the boundary of flavor and the notion of what beer can be. The recipe for the 2015 iteration has not yet been announced but in 2013 the beer was aged in casks from Buffalo Trace Distillery and eight-year-old Port barrels from Portugal. It was then blended with the brewery’s Kosmic Mother Funk, a Belgian-style ale and  barrel-aged for at least nine months (and up to two years) in Hungarian oak tuns. Those bottles had a suggested retail price of around $200, or $8 an ounce.

The canned Utopias will be available year-round and each six-pack will retail for $790 and comes with a five-step instruction on how to properly shotgun without spilling any of the precious liquid.

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