Beer as Good Food

Traditionally, beer has been viewed as a nourishing household product like bread, based on grain. One style, doppelbock, was even

Some Books About Cheese

Carr, Sandy, The Simon and Schuster Pocket Guide to Cheese (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1981). Ensrud, Barbara, The Pocket

Beer and Cheese

It’s widely assumed that wine and cheese are compatible friends. They’re paired together so routinely that phrases like “the white

Tasty English Pub Dishes

Belhaven Rabbit (serves six) Rabbit cooked in beer at the Boathouse, Ayr, Scotland. St. Andrew’s Ale is brewed by Belhaven.

More Than A Ploughman’s Lunch

Pub food in England was for years the butt of comedians who told jokes about pub-goers singing “happy birthday” to

Pub Food Travel Guide

If you visit England for a holiday or for the Great British Beer Festival at London Olympia in August, here

“Pub Grub” No More

And to see how pub grub has left its disappointing reputation behind, here is a menu from the Fox &

BBQ & Beer

It would be downright un-American to think of barbecue without beer. And we won’t be accused of that. So here

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