The beer world continues to morph and become a more inclusive space. There are too many people involved in that evolution to name here, but one person doing a lot of good for the beer world is Michele Wonder. 

Michele got her start in beer as a homebrewer and quickly got involved in organizations like the Pink Boots Society and The Oregon Brew Crew. 

She has contributed to the beer world in many positive ways. She is a co-founder and social media director for the Women’s Craft Fermentation Alliance. Also a co-founder of WIBS: a craft fermentation summit (formerly Women’s International Beer Summit), and Founder of the Black is Beautiful Homebrew PDX Brewing Project. 

She joins the show to share her story and how her work has evolved over the years. We dive into how beer is a community and how much it can be a cultural touchstone. And how we can work together to break down barriers in beer to be a more inclusive space. 

Get ready for a real feel-good episode:)