Spontaneous fermentation may be the most celebrated technique in the world and the beers they produce are just as interesting, with many flavors not seen outside these styles. But “spontaneous” doesn’t really tell you anything about what goes into making lambic, gueuze and American made versions from insane boiling hours to months and years waiting to see if the beer is actually any good to sell. Today we talk to two producers: one a classic lambic house from the Senne River Valley and the brewery that defined American sour brewing.


Werner Van Obberghen is one of the owners of Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen. In 2013, Armand Debelder and Michaël Blancquaert called upon Werner to help shaping the future of 3 Fonteinen. With his experience in strategy and with masters in finance and business economics,he is now responsible with Michaël for managing 3 Fonteinen and its team of twenty.

Michaël takes care of the creative & operational side (brewing, blending, bottling, labelling) while Werner manages the business side (administration, sales, marketing, tasting room).

Michaël and Werner continue the life-long craftmanship of Armand and – inspired by his values and wishes – took 3 Fonteinen a step further. Longer barrel ageing, a local cereal and hop collective withf armers, a network of families with Schaarbeekse sour cherries, a direct relation with some of the most progressive biodynamic wine makers are just a few examples.

Jeffrey Stuffings grew up on the gulf coast of Florida. He studied government at Notre Dame and law at Boston College. While in law school, he discovered homebrewing and craft beer. He and his wife Amber moved to Texas 2007. Shortly thereafter, Jeff began working on starting Jester King with Amber (co-founder) and brother Michael Steffing (co-founder). 

Today, Jeffrey focuses on beer making and Jester King’s operations. He and Amber live in the Dripping Springs, Texas area and have two children Laura and George. 

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