94 Capital Eisphyre, Capital Brewery (WI). 9.8% ABV (3/10)
Deep copper color. Rich brown sugar, dried fruit, and praline aromas follow through on a massive chewy entry to a fruity-yet-dry full body with sensational depth and balance. Finishes with a very long, grilled citrus peel and chocolate custard accented fade. Very decadent.

91 Hermannator Ice Bock, Vancouver Island Brewery (Canada). 9.5% ABV (3/10)
Dark brown color. Mild dark roasted grain and molasses aromas follow through on rich, velvety entry to a fruity medium-full body with a mélange of mashed date, fig, and raisin notes. Finishes with a long, dark nut toast and baker’s chocolate fade with hints of dried citrus and earth. Very flavorful and well made.