5 Gallons (19 liters)

OG: 1085/15.5°P

Alcohol: 8–9%/vol

Bitterness: 65 IBUs

Color: medium amber

Yeast: Saison Wyeast 1057 (derived from the US brewery Ballantine’s, which once brewed a Burton ale) or White Labs: Burton Ale Yeast WLP023. With a strong beer like this a starter is strongly recommended.

All-grain recipe calculated at 75% efficiency

All grain recipe:

3 lb/1.4 kg English pale ale malt, preferably Maris Otter or other premium varietal

3 lb/2.3 kg English or Belgian amber/biscuit

Extract + steeped grain recipe

4.5 lb/2.0 kg Pale dry unhopped amber extract (or 5 lbs syrup)

Plus: all other grains & sugars

Hops (calculated for whole hops; use 25% less for pellets)

4 oz/113 gm  90 min  East Kent Goldings(4% AA)

4 oz/113 gm  5 min  East Kent Goldings(4% AA)

2 oz/57 gm  dry hop  East Kent Goldings(4% AA)

Mash should be simple infusion mash at 152°F/67°C for an hour; then raise to 170°F/77°C for mash out, then begin sparge. Ferment at 60–65°F/15–18°C.