92 Tripel Horse, River Horse Brewery (NJ). 10% ABV (4/09)
Deep, hazy, golden amber color with a high, fine foamy head. Interesting aromas of turkey bacon, brown sugar and nutmeg follow through on a round, velvety entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body with spicy pepper jelly, custard and candied peach notes. Finishes in a long, chewy fade of peppery spice with seared fat and earth accents. Great, saison-like food beer.

91 Nectar des Dieux, Bastone Brewery (MI). 9.5% ABV (4/09) %{Brewpub}
Cloudy orange amber color. Circus peanut, dried pineapple and marzipan aromas follow through on round, supple entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body with chewy banana taffy, kiwi, mossy stone and peppered mango on the finish. A tasty tripel!

91 Brother David’s Triple Anderson Valley Brewing Co. (CA). 10% ABV (5/08)
Brilliant, deep amber color with a lacy head. Peppery aroma of nougat, molasses and banana nut bread follow though to creamy, tangy medium-full body with orange marmalade on buttered caramel rye bread, dusty spice, dried peach and nutshell flavors. Finishes with a chewy banana custard and citrus hop fade with mouthwatering acidity. A zesty, flavorful tripel to pair with artisan cheeses.

89 Ménage à Frog, Issaquah Brewhouse (OR). 10.2% ABV (4/09)
Brilliant golden amber color. Inviting aromas of toasty baguette, orange blossom honey and delicate bubblegum spice follow through on a round entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body with caramel pear and peach custard tart notes. Finishes in a bold peppery spice, delicate grassy herbal and citrusy hops and toffee fade with lingering warming alcohol. Very nice.

87 Tripel, Bastone Brewery (MI). 8.6% ABV (4/07)
Lightly hazy amber color. Peach marmalade and wheat cracker aromas follow through to a supple off-dry and fruity medium-full body with nice caramel, golden raisin and clover honey accents. Finishes with a tangy, fruity, candied peach and orange peel fade with a dash of spicy hops. A fruity, sweet, yet refreshing tripel style.