98 Blonde Doppelbock, Capital Brewery (WI). 7.8% ABV (3/10)
Brilliant golden amber color. Vibrant aromas of orange marmalade and honey butter on toast follow through on a rich entry to a chewy, dry-yet-fruity medium-full body with great depth and balance. Finishes with a long, tangy dried citrus, roasted root vegetable, and peppery spice hop fade. A delicious, dangerously drinkable doppelbock.

97 Celebrator Doppelbock, Privatbrauerei Aying (Germany). 6.7% ABV (11/11)
Rich aromas of wet potter’s clay, waxy flax, sesame chocolate candy, and roasted chestnuts with a supple dryish medium-full body and a rich, chewy, roasted parsnips, anise seed and radicchio-accented finish. Big and powerfully flavorful; will be great with cheeses and roasted meats.

94 Imperial Doppelbock, Capital Brewery (WI). 9% ABV (3/10)
Aromas of fruity caramel, raw honey, baking spice, and rye toast follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity firmly structured full body with lush waves on dried fruits, nuts and spice. Finishes with a long, grilled citrus and earth fade. A delicious powerful doppelbock.

93 Autumnal Fire, Capital Brewery (WI). 7.8% ABV (11/09)
Deep amber copper color. Aromas of melted toffee and apple butter on rye toast follow through on a supple, vibrant entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-full body with layers on toasted bread, grain, caramel and dried fruit. Finishes with a long, earthy grassy hop and candied dried citrus peel fade. Excellent.

93 Premium Doppelbock, Privat Brauerei Bischoff (Germany). 7.5% ABV (11/10)
Deep copper mahogany color. Aromas of baked apple pie crust, mushroom broth, and pumpernickel nut toast with a crisp, tangy, dry-yet-fruity medium-full body and a warm and zesty, grassy herb, goats milk custard and cocoa-accented finish. An appetizing food beer; pair with roasted duck.

93 Doppio Malto, Birra Moretti (Italy). 7% ABV (5/11)
Bright golden color. Aromas of buttered toasted baguette, omelet and delicate lemon curd with a chewy, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a tangy citrus and peach marmalade and grassy hop finish. A delicious refreshing blonde dopplebock.

91 Decelerator Doppelbock, John Harvard’s Brew House, Framingham (MA). 8.5% ABV (3/09) %{Brewpub}
Nearly opaque dark brown color. Rich aromas of roasted chestnuts, dark brown sugar, and roasted root vegetables follow through on a smooth supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-full body with toffee, dried fruit, and delicate spice notes. Finishes with a long, chewy, white pepper, mineral and apple-accented fade.  Nice earthiness make with a great choice for stews.

87 Deep Water Doppelbock, Thomas Creek Brewery (SC). 7% ABV (3/10)
Rich roasted coffee and chocolate aromas have a woody whole nut edge and follow through on a crisp entry to a dry medium-full body with good depth and astringency.

84 Brewnette German-Style Doublebock, Fireman’s Brew (CA). 8% ABV (6/11)
Dark reddish brown color. Aromas of roasted coffee, toasted zucchini pepper bread, and bakers chocolate with a tart, dryish medium-full body and a cranberry, toasted matzah and rubber leaf finish.

80 Primator Double Bock, Pivovar Nachod (Czech Republic). 10.5% ABV (11/09)
Root beer color and sweetness with a lots of chocolate cherry bonbon flavor and notes of grainy buttered raisin toast, malt vinegar, and moss hops on the finish. Potentially very good, but far too sweet, cloying and soda like.