US Capitol Building
This year, two competing beer excise tax reform bills reside in Congress. Photo by Tony Brooks via Flickr

The 114th U.S. Congress and 50 state legislatures are now in session, and beer is up for debate in 2015. From tax reform to 64-oz growlers, legislation runs the gamut, and consumers across the country may see changes to the way they buy and drink their favorite beers.

Let’s take a look at some of the beer bills on tap.

Small BREW Act vs. Fair BEER Act

Florida SB 186—64-ounce Growlers

Tennessee SB 375 / HB 412—College Student Beer Tastings

Tennessee HB 140—Drinking by Passengers Illegal

Tennessee SB 388 / HB 642 – To-go Cups Around Music City Center

Indiana HB 1053—Combined Retail for Alcohol Manufacturers

Maine LD 122—Standardized Pint Pours

Kansas HB 2200—Groceries/Convenience Stores Sell Stronger Beer