Florida SB 186—64-ounce Growlers [Bill]

What it is: Licensed beer manufacturers and retailers could sell 32-, 64- and 128-ounce containers of beer, as long as they are labeled as such and have an unbroken seal or cannot otherwise be immediately consumed.

What it means: Currently, no one can sell 64-ounce (half-gallon) growlers, a common size requested by consumers. They can either purchase a bigger 128-ounce or two 32-ounce containers, though that’s the same volume as the 64-ounce growler.

“A lot of Northerners want us to sell [a 64-ounce growler], and we can’t,” says Guy Piasecki, owner of Crafted Keg in Stuart, FL, who brought a lawsuit against the state of Florida. “They think because they’re tourists in a tourist town, we’re trying to rip them off because we can only sell them a [32-ounce] grenade or a [128-ounce] gallon. That’s what hurts.”

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