Belgian Quadrupel and Strong Dark

The appreciation for Belgian beer and Belgium’s brewing culture has never been more keen than right now. One could even

Dubbel Talk

Often, when beer lovers venture into the realm of Belgian brews, they experience an epiphany. Even without an experienced or

Biere de Garde

There is no escaping the agrarian history of beer. This relationship was nearly lost a couple of centuries ago, as

Two Top Books on Belgian Beer

So what is it about Belgium? We’re talking about a country roughly the size of Massachusetts, with an annual GDP

Belgium’s Poperinge Beer District

This Flemish area of Belgium, nicknamed “Hoppeland,” is nestled against the French border and, in a country known for more

Celebrating a Trappist Triumph

The Trappist ales of Belgium and the Netherlands, produced in breweries attached to abbeys, are world famous. They include Chimay,

Flanders Red and Brown Ales

Mention Belgium to a beer lover, and that person is likely to think of the quirky and diverse brews of

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