The Taster

How to Write a Beer Review

(Photo by Daniel Hartis) With more than 6,000 breweries in the United States and more coming every day, the craft

Grasping for Words

(Image via Shutterstock) If there’s one thing that frustrates everybody trying to become a serious taster, it’s the difficulty of

Tasting the Dark Side

(Photo courtesy Jeff Quinn) Black beers can be highly polarizing. They can be a slow mover in a brewery’s lineup,

How to Conduct A Beer Flight

(Illustration by Jeff Quinn) One of the most fascinating and enjoyable ways to taste is through a beer flight: a

Into the Haze

A crystal-clear beer glowing in afternoon light can be a showstopper, but for certain styles, haziness holds its own joys. Like

Lagers Versus Ales

It is common to slice the beer world into two irreconcilable sectors. Lagers are the yin: cooling, clean and constrained;

Headlong Into Sour

(Photo by Jeff Quinn) For all its history, beer has lived with the curse and blessing of acidity. In most

That’s the Hops Talking

(Photo by Jeff Quinn) You don’t need inside knowledge to know that hoppy beers are hyper-trendy these days. The demand

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